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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang
Autore - xsdnax
Data - 29.10.2019 10:46:53
Intermediate - Advanced Flying Difficulty! (No combat).

I wanted to make a mission to fly offline in Nevada map that gives the P51 some out back, off-track strips to takeoff and land. I created the strip, but having just 1 set of cones to land between soon became a little boring, so I decided to create 4 in different locations with a little backstory to make a mission out of it, then spruced it up a bit with details and moving trucks waiting for your deliveries, so I could share it with you!

*You are covering for the flying "mail man"
*Land at all 4 custom built strips along route.
*Estimated total time: 30minutes.
*All stops are custom built 2,000ft strips, over dirt terrain, marked by tyres.
*Terrain will be slightly uneven here and there, but each stop has been well tested to be accessible.
*Screen hints given along way re; Navigation (easy route) so you can focus on the flying / approaches etc.

Requires: P51 Module and Nevada map (aka Las vegas / NTTR)
  • Licenza: Gratuito - Versione gratuita, distribuzione illimitata
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Dimensione: 2.89 Mb
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DCS: World 2.5
Smoke Bird L-39C
Autore - Datek
Data - 12.05.2016 17:23:58
Single or Multiplayer mission (up to 4 aircraft).
Installation:  Download and place the file in C:/users/(username)/Saved Games/DCS/Missions

Situation:  You are a Pilot in the Czech Air Force stationed in Georgia, and your country needs you.  Your squadron Commander wants to present his daughter with a fly over during her birthday party on a boat along the shore near Kobuleti.  Successful completion of this mission will reflect favorably on your next evaluation report.  Screw it up and you will be in charge of the latrine cleaning detail this weekend.
  • Licenza: Gratuito - Versione gratuita, distribuzione illimitata
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Dimensione: 1.2 Mb
  • Scaricato: 1556
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