Red Storm Rising Mission 8 Nordic Hammer Phase 2

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F/A-18C Hornet

Red Storm Rising Mission 8 Nordic Hammer Phase 2

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Data - 02.02.2023 08:31:47
It’s time to give the Soviets on Iceland a few headaches! We are going to sneak in low and fast below radar with low level bombers to take out power and airbase infrastructure. We believe most of the air defence systems were destroyed by the Wild Weasels earlier however they may have obtained additional systems so be alert. Additionally, we now know that there are fighters based on Iceland so we will be prepared for that. We are going to time the strike for when most of the fighters are busy escorting a bomber raid. We will be setting a trap of F-4 Phantoms to jump any fighters that may try to interfere with your exfiltration. Timing is critical to avoid the twin tailed fighters (probably Mig 29s) however we have an asset on the ground code named “Beagle” who is keeping HQ apprised of the Soviet activities. This asset will help us ensure we hit the island at the right time.

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Mission Briefing:
You are Joker Lead leading a flight of 4 F-111 Aardvarks. You will follow Enfield and Uzi flights which are 2 Aardvarks each. Ensure you stay close to Enfield flight as spacing and timing are critical. Once you hit the coast to angles 10, you will head inland and descend into the valley’s to stay below Soviet radar. Stay behind Enfield 1-2 (the 4th aircraft taking off) and below 1000 AGL. Once you enter the valleys keep about 350kts Indicated Airspeed (IAS)
You have 10 Mk-82Y Chute Retarded bombs which are conducive to lower level attacks. Setup for 5 bombs per target to ensure you get good hits. Pop up as required to get your bombs off but get low and drop flares right after bomb release if you want to make it back home! Watch your fuel. It's a long way back to Scotland.
Joker: Power Station at waypoint 9
Joker: Fuel dump between the two runways at waypoint 12
Uzi: Air Traffic Control Tower
Uzi: Targets of opportunity at the airport (fuel trucks, parked aircraft, mobile radar stations, etc)
Enfield: Airport storage facility to the right of the fuel dump between the runways
Enfield: Large runway (crater it as best as possible)

Must stay behind the first 4 F111s until after the airport strike. Your flight of 3 additional F111s should be behind you most of the mission.
Once descended into he valleys setup your Automatic Throttle (ATC) to about 350kts Indicated Airspeed (IAS) to keep proper pace with flight.

Mission Time: 35-40 Mins
Mission Demo found at:

These are missions inspired by Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising with audio from the book as part of the missions. These are unpolished and made by a novice but should be functional and enjoyable for any Tom Clancy fan! These were created with DCS 2.8 Openbeta. Hit me up on Discord at Halo#5352 if you like these missions.
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