Syria Mercenaries - dynamic rapid training solo or multiplayer mission.

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DCS: World 2.7

Syria Mercenaries - dynamic rapid training solo or multiplayer mission.

Caricata da - Tryzna
Data - 28.08.2022 15:21:46
Mission designed to provide playground to grow your helicopter skills rapidly while having as much fun as possible. Mission is playable solo or with friends.

You can use AH-64, Mi-24, Ka-50 + many others.

Team [ZMRD] Mercenaries is solo or multiplayer mission, where you play as hired gun taking on multiple contracts via radio menu. As the base of your operations serves Al-Assad airfield all of the missions are spawned around the lowland surrounding it. In adition, there are spawn points on the farp just north of Hatay in case you dont want to mess with mission spawning and want quick action in the Valley of Death area.

IMPORTANT: Dont spawn any mission before welcome message stars playing(5 seconds)after mission loads as it might cause error message if trying to do so before all the scripts initialize properly.

You can spawn multiple missions, but each mission type can have only one instance of mission running at the time(if completed or failed, option to spawn another one becomes available).


ESCORT - protect convoys heading from Al-Assad in to various directions, while being engaged by insugent forces at randomized choke points. Any escort mission can be completed solo with some challenge, getting pretty easy with friend or two.

CAS - customer got in to trouble and you are the cavalry to help the boys out. Atempting these solo require keeping target prioritization in mind as theres no time for rtb and rearm while atempting these.

STRIKE - attack enemy bases, often defended by shorad systems, doable solo, but it can be challenging. Bring a friend or two.

MANHUNT - pure assasination contract, target is often protected by just few units, easiest of missions included in this package.

Spawn points for planes included as well, just to alow our friends without helicopters join our multiplayer sessions. Mission is quite often hosted on our server so just seach "ZMRD" in multiplayer lobby if you are looking for a place to play this with friends.
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