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DCS: World 2.7
(SP/COOP) Bridgehead Blues

(SP/COOP) Bridgehead Blues

Autore - Mr Nobody
Data - 20.06.2021 13:40:14
A short coop mission for either Singleplayer or Multiplayer PvE.

Clear the Georgian forces dug in on their side of the Inguri River so friendly ground forces can cross the bridge and secure the other side.  Be prepared to face a counterattack once the friendlies make it across.

Mission has slots for 4x Mi-24P.
Estimated completion time 1-1.5hrs.

Your first task is to clear any Georgian forces you find south of the bridge over the Inguri River (grid GH20).  There is a known road checkpoint, however infantry and vehicles may be hiding in the nearby treelines or town itself.

Once you believe the area is clear for the friendly units to attempt to cross the bridge, you can signal them the following ways:
- Use a GREEN signal flare while over the general area of the bridge or friendly units.
- Contact them via the radio "F10 Other" menu
Alternatively, the friendly units have been ordered to advance of their own accord at 0730 local time (an hour after mission start time).

When the friendly units have crossed the bridge, they will take up a defensive position.  Expect the Georgians to counterattack in short order.

2 friendly Su-25s will be patrolling up and down the Inguri to engage any targets of opportunity they can find, but you will be the primary support for the ground forces.

Some enemy positions are randomised between a few presets for replayability.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact Mr Nobody#4680 on Discord.
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