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Operation Shader 2.0

Operation Shader 2.0

Autore - chevelle970
Data - 20.06.2021 02:38:31
A PVE massive multiplayer mission designed with realism in mind for training and learning air to ground tactics. Capable of supporting 4 independent flights(hawg, tusk, pig, boar) each with their own randomized tasking complete with voice overs. Sorties are likely to be different on each mission reset and require flights to mix and match weapon loadouts for the greatest chance of success, Supports Supercarrier and non-Supercarrier operations. Helo's can also participate in sorties with aircraft and perform SAR/CSAR. Read the briefing carefully.

2.0 Updates:
Minor bugs and fixes
AWACS and Tankers now operate out of Cyprus.
Added huge smoke markers to IP waypoints.
Fixed FARP spawning so helo's no longer spawn on top of each other.
70+ Airframes added across the various flights. FYI, some flights cannot accommodate certain airframes due to the way triggers are configured.

Developer Notes:
Mission start time is at dusk but you are welcome to adjust this setting in the mission editor. Any other changes you choose to make without understanding how the mission triggers work and your on your own.
This update is being released separate from the original version "https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312798/" due to the numbers of changes and lack of proper testing before release. The trigger logic looks correct, but there is just to much for one man to test.
If you think you've discovered a bug, I'm more than happy to look into it but most likely it is not a bug.
For any other comments or concerns, you can find me lurking on the Wolf Pack Discord https://discord.gg/pzMJgxyNGE - Magnum

Fly! Flight! Win!
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