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P-51D Mustang

SAAF 2 Squadron "Flying Cheetahs" | Korea (v1.0)

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Autore - __Moody__
Data - 05.05.2021 07:10:19
An upd ated (2021) Historically Accurate se t of P-51D and TF-51 Mustang liveries from the South African Airforce.

In Game Preview of Skins :

Included in this set:

Aircraft 319 ( Black Nose )
Aircraft 325 "Patsy Dawn" ( Red Nose ) - Currently being restored at the South African Airforce Museum.
Aircraft 334 ( Blue Nose ) -  Flown by Maj Porky Rich when returned to the USAF on 28 December 1952.
Aircraft 335 ( Wing Commander ) - Flown by Capt F M Bekker. Shot down on 23 July 1951.
Aircraft 361 "Miss Marunouchi" ( Orange Nose ) - Flown by Lt J G (Jimmy) Newton’s & Lt V R (Vic) Blackbeard.
Aircraft 393 "Marie" ( Red Nose ) - Flown by 2nd Lt B. Forsyth. Returned to the USA on 28 December 1952.

2 Squadron “Flying Cheetahs” - The squadron was South Africa's contribution to the United Nations war effort during the Korean War from November 1950 to December 1953.

2 Squadron was attached to the 18th Fighter-Bomber Wing U.S. Air Force for the duration of the war. Initially flying the P-51 Mustang, the squadron re-equipped with the F-86 Sabre in February 1953.

During the war the squadron flew a total of 12,067 sorties, most being dangerous ground attack missions. 74 of the 94 Mustangs and 4 out of the 22 Sabres were lost, along with 33 pilots (14 killed in action, 11 missing in action, 8 pilots killed in accident).

For its actions, the squadron received the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, United States Presidential Unit Citation, and numerous other awards and decorations.


These aircraft liveries work for both the free TF-51 and P-51

Install in these Locations -> "Bazar > Liveries > TF-51D" and/or "P-51D"


The COVID has grounded me. So I do these skins to pass time between studying for my com subjects. If you feel kind, please consider donating to my coffee fund.
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