The Battle For A Raqqa Campaign - DCS F-16C

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
The Battle For A Raqqa Campaign - DCS F-16C

The Battle For A Raqqa Campaign - DCS F-16C

Tipo - Campagna
Autore - florenceSSD
Data - 26.02.2021 20:27:47
12 mission campaign, with mission requiring munition selection, along with pre-planned weapons. Knowledge of LGB delivery, Mavericks and TGP usage.

Involves custom voice overs and triggered actions. MDCs and Overview documents provided.

The Battle for Ar Raqqa, is the fifth and final phase of the Raqqa Campaign, launched in conjunction with the Syrian Democratic Forces against the Islamic State In the Levant. Ar Raqqa remains the only Syrian city under full ISIL control and is thought to be its Centre of Operations.

Operations around the city began in November 2016. The intention was to proceed in 2 phases, first seizing areas around Raqqa and isolating the city, advancing on 3 fronts, then to take control of the city itself. The SDF General has reported that so far, operations have resulted in the SDF capturing large amounts of ISIL held territory.

Whilst the Syrian regime has been supported by the Russians, both are classed as non-combatants and WILL NOT BE ENGAGED. A No-Fly zone exists, extending fr om 15nm NW of Aleppo and runs South to the Jordanian border. DO NOT CROSS WEST OF THAT LINE

You are an English RAF pilot, on exchange with the USAF 55th Sqn.  They and you, have been deployed to Incirlik AFB in support of Operation Inherent Resolve.

A massive thank you to the following people for lending their voice to this campaign:

ChillNG - Uzi 8-1
Capt Tangerine - Playboy
Amy - Blackbeard 1
Raptor - Razor 2-5
Roamin - Hitman
Zilch - Blackbeard 2
Strix - Jackal 9-1
S3TUP - Syrian Military

MODS Required:

Frenchpack 3.5 or newer:

476th Range Targets:

VPC Objects:

Al mods go into User/Saved Games/DCS Version/Mods/Tech, or through OVGME

Please feedback any comments for improvements/changes

V1.1 4th March 2021
MISSION1: Upd ate to mission goals. Changed fr om ALIVE < to DEAD for primary targets. Feel free to just overwrite with new M1 or change in ME Mission Goal to GROUP DEAD for 4x FARP Tents and 4x FARP Ammo Storage units

V1.2 6 March 2021
MISSIONS 1-12: Fixed - Taxiing aircraft ATC transmission trigger/Added - Wh ere applicable, target destroyed messages/Fixed - Landing aircraft parking confliction
MISSION 11: Fixed - Incorrect player inbound ATC transmission/Fixed - Truck park targets

V1.3 15 March 2021
Multiple Missions: Fixed CASEngagement Issue
MISSION 2: Fixed rogue Static unit
Copy/Paste over files if already downloaded

V1.4 17 March 2021
Increased text time for any positional data displays (ie, JTAC 9Line)
MISSION 3: Moved C-17 so landing does not conflict with taxi

V1.5 1 May 2021
MISSION 3: Added hint to se t bomb codes
MISSION 6: Updated brief with correct ordnance
MISSION 9: Moved ground vehicle parking infront of wingman
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