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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang
Warbirds Ground Attack Caen

Warbirds Ground Attack Caen

Autore - Jeeve79
Data - 29.01.2021 16:28:42
You need Normandy map and WW2 assets.
All warbirds are available.
This is mainly a ground attack mission and enemy planes are only spawned in by using the radio menu.
P-51's and P-47's are ideal for this ground attack mission.

Update 1.1:
Added 4 more Mustangs for Chipelle.
Replaced some ammo crates and barrels with explosive oil tanks.
Optimized column route waypoints.
Re-positioned some units placement into more realistic locations.
Added a few more soft targets around Caen.

Update 1.2:
Added preset radio frequencies.
Added briefing aerial photographic info.
Some units now have good or random skill instead of average for more variation.

The Third Reich is working on some kind of superweapon and we need you to go in and stop them.
Main objective is to destroy the trains at Caen and everything around it unloading the trains and supporting the operation.
With 2 people, completing the main objective will take around 3 hours if you are efficient.
For larger groups, I added some additional objectives that can be activated with the radio menu.
You will have to use rockets or bombs to destroy tanks but most of the targets can be destroyed with guns.

Optional radio activated missions are: Destroy U-boot, V1 rocket pads, Cargo ship, speedboats and a convoy.
Also air-air against A-20 bombers or fight against FW-190's.

Normally you will take of fairly close to Caen, but there is the option to start from UK in P-51's.
You will need to rearm a few times but friendly airports are close so flight times are short.
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