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F/A-18C Hornet

F/A-18C - Royal Australian Air Force Mega Pack v1.8

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Data - 21.01.2021 09:16:12
The RAAF Hornet Mega Pack includes 43 individual paint schemes representing all squadrons that operated the F/A-18A/B in RAAF service. Different time periods have also been represented from circa 1986 to 2021. The RAAF Hornet Mega Pack has been in the making for over two years and is continually updated with new schemes or changes to the existing aircraft. Some aircraft had details provided by current and former members of the Australian Defence Force.


19/07/2022 v1.8 - Various Fixes & Changes  *DELETE EXISTING SCHEMES TO AVOID CONFLICT*

Changed README to a custom PDF to provide clearer install instructions
Added weathering layer to most liveries
Various minor fixes


All Squadrons Represented (42 Non-Fictional & 1 Fictional)
Dynamic Serials For Squadron Aircraft
Accurate Stencils (Thanks to luft for his base stencils template)
Accurate Colours and Markings
Wide Selection Of Time Periods
Skins Added Or Updated On Occasion


Due to the size and complexity of the package, the download has been hosted on Google Drive. Users will simply download a Readme PDF from this site. The download link lies within the Readme.

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