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Operation Steadfast: Georgia 2020 v0.1

Operation Steadfast: Georgia 2020 v0.1

Autore - Mr Nobody
Data - 17.01.2021 16:20:52
Operation Steadfast is a singleplayer or PvE multiplayer wave defense mission.  Defend your zones against enemy attacks using close air support and transport aircraft to turn the tide!

Includes support for the Hercules mod by Anubis.

The mission can be played in singleplayer or coop multiplayer, and can easily be tweaked for difficulty and player numbers even if you don't have much mission editor or scripting experience!

The mission requires you to defend 3 zones for either a certain amount of time, or a number of attack waves (player's choice).  If at least 1 zone remains in your control by the time the battle ends, the mission will be a victory.  However, should the enemy capture all 3 zones, you will fail.

While close air support is a crucial part of ensuring the enemy attacks never make it to your zones, it's not the only factor at play here.  Transport aircraft play a significant role in bringing reinforcements to the front lines and deploying ambushes on the enemy's routes.  In addition, a version of the mission is included that adds support for the Hercules mod by Anubis, which thanks to its speed and payload is an enormous force multiplier.

The enemy isn't going to be resting easy either - as the battle rages on, they may escalate their alert level and bring in heavier hitters to try and break your lines, and use aircraft to cover their ground forces.  On the flip side, you can use your initiative to hunt down their frontline command centers and put a stop to their air support, artillery support, and heavier units from joining the battle.

Refer to the included .pdf guide on how to tweak the mission settings to your liking and the various mechanics, and happy hunting!

Please note the mission is a work in progress and this represents the early stages of its development.  There's always room for improvement, and I'd love to hear constructive feedback so I can make the experience even more enjoyable for you!

Available roles include:

A-10A x2
A-10C x2
A-10C II x4
AV-8B N/A x4
C-130J Hercules x6 (for Anubis Hercules mod version)
Ka-50 x4
Mi-8 x4
SA 342L Gazelle x2
SA 342M Gazelle x2
SA 342 Mistral Gazelle x2
Su-25 x2
Su-25T x2
UH-1H x4
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