Shared F-104 Textures folder for F-104G skins by jocko417

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DCS: World 2.5

Shared F-104 Textures folder for F-104G skins by jocko417

Tipo - Livrea
Caricata da - jocko417
Data - 30.12.2020 18:24:58
Version History:

2.02 - Updated Jan 05/2023, Added some new stuff and some F-104C bits in preparation for upcoming new skins.
2.01 - Updated Oct 20/2021, CAF OD Green textures added.
2.0 - New version Oct 15/2021 for use with the VSN F-104G re-release.

A folder of commonly used textures for my VSN_F-104G series skins, that can be shared by all my liveries to save storage space!

Download and place the "Shared" zip file into your Saved Games F-104 Liveries folder (same location that you put new F-104 skins), ie:

C:\Users\<your user name here>\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\VSN_F104G

These shared textures are ones commonly used by most skins, normal maps, external fuel tanks, pylons, etc.

My skins contain instructions in their description.lua to use the various textures in the "Shared" folder as needed so they won't have to be included in every new skin folder. This will save a lot of downloading time and storage space!

Do NOT install this zipped folder into the VSN F-104G Mod folder tree. This goes into your Saved Games\ directory tree as noted above.
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