F-14A VF-191 "Satans Kittens" BuNo 159870

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat

F-14A VF-191 "Satans Kittens" BuNo 159870

Tipo - Livrea
Autore - prccowboy
Data - 21.12.2020 18:05:07
[Semi-Fictional] F-14A VF-191 "Satans Kittens" #105 (BuNo 159870)

F-14A BuNo 159870 (circa 1988) with modified (fictional) tail art, nose art, helmets and drop tanks

Most of my livery work is fictional and for use in our virtual squadron (about 130 skins to date), but I wanted to give some recognition to one of the lesser known Tomcat squadrons, work on an -A livery, and give something to the greater DCS community, while also representing our virtual squadron (the "40th SOC") where we have some great livery artists and why I started skinning in the first place, so here is the result:

VF-191 "Satans Kittens" #105 (BuNo 159870)

Although based on the actual BuNo 159870 (circa 1988), this skin is technically "fictional" because I modified the tail art, added nose art, made up helmets and drop tanks (couldn't find examples of the real thing), added some artwork to the cockpit (with night lighting included) and even changed the color of the yaw string to match squadron colors. Nevertheless, all the changes were kept in the "plausible" theme.

The nose art is a "mash-up" of many authentic variants of the Tomcat "Gotcha Baby" art but modified even more to match the theme of the "Satan's Kittens" squadron.

All of the textures were developed using HeatBlur's great paint kit, and default normal textures, etc as the starting point.  Most of the work is in the diffuse detailing and custom roughmets, ex: I wanted the engines to appear as something that was in service, metallic, and showed signs of repair, oxidation, corrosion, and heat stress

To Install, Unzip the entire contents of the zip file (with folder name) to your DCS user files 'Liveries\F-14A-135-GR' folder, example:
C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\F-14A-135-GR

- Note: this version uses roughmets that have been quickly re-compressed in DXT1 format (lower quality) to meet the DCS User Files size limitations (hopefully, I didn't make a mistake when repackaging)

[40thSOC] "Cowboy"
Discord: PRCCowboy#0485
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