GLADIO B - Clandestine Operations in the Persian Gulf

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DCS: World 2.5
SA342 Gazelle

GLADIO B - Clandestine Operations in the Persian Gulf

Tipo - Campagna
Caricata da - Avalanche110
Data - 29.11.2020 02:11:37
This campaign follows a group of former Australian Army veterans, who have found themselves working for an insolvent Private military contractor.
These once honourable soldiers have become Discontent with escorting Saudi princes. However as circumstances conspire, they find themselves embroiled in affairs far beyond their paygrade.

This is a short story driven Campaign for the Minigun variant of the Gazelle.

Each mission is Fully voiced and scripted to provide an immersive and exciting experience.
The Minigun variant of the gazelle is a seriously under appreciated module and this campaign was made specifically for it.  

Note: This campaign does have some course language.

Version 1.7 - Mission 2 updated for OB 2.7.1  - Removed WWII Asset from Mission 3
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