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DCS: World 2.5
Syria Pendulum

Syria Pendulum

Autore - Toumal
Data - 15.11.2020 18:59:36
Persistent PvE/PvP multiplayer mission with friendly and enemy AI assets and persistent state.

Syria Pendulum is a persistent PvE/PvP multiplayer mission. Fight for control over three capture zones. Randomized AI CAP and CAS missions provide an additional challenge. The mission starts with RED having control over all three capture points. Shift the frontline towards the enemy - or play for the red team and push back the blue forces!

The state of the battlefield is persisted across restarts. Note, to enable this feature you have to edit Scripts/MissionScripting.lua and comment out the "sanitizeModule" commands.

This is heavily based on the work of Leonardo_c and his Caucasus Pendulum mission at
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