CAL FIRE - The Camp Fire [Syria/Hercules/HUEY/Mi-8]

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DCS: World 2.5
CAL FIRE - The Camp Fire [Syria/Hercules/HUEY/Mi-8]

CAL FIRE - The Camp Fire [Syria/Hercules/HUEY/Mi-8]

Autore - forestrat
Data - 18.11.2020 07:09
On Thursday, November 8, 2018, a fire was reported to Cal Fire in Butte County, California by a local utility worker.  Soon after this report, a size-up fire officer, Captain Matt McKenzie, was dispatched to the scene.  After observing rapid fire growth and extreme fire behavior, Captain McKenzie advises activation of all available air and ground assets to respond to what will soon be called the Camp Fire.

First and foremost, this mission is a proof-of-concept that I decided to make public, so set your expectations accordingly.

Your task is to suppress 25 fire zones, then return to parking.  Again, proof-of-concept, 25 zones does not do the Camp Fire justice, and until I can remove/hide fire for MP clients and make this large-scale, it's not worth sinking any more time into.  

You will need water before engaging a fire:
For the Hercules, you'll get your water from the sea.  It takes 10 seconds of low-level flight, over the sea, to fill the tank.  
For HELITAC, you'll need to fly to the HELITAC FOB located at the base of the mountain.  You can tune into the HELITAC ADF on 30Mhz FM.
When your tank is full, you will be able to extinguish up to 5 fire zones in the Hercules, 3 zones in the Mi-8, and 2 zones in the HUEY.

This mission is configured for multiplayer, HOWEVER, the client will not see the fire disappear after extinguishing a zone.  Client might also be missing sound effects?

Required Assets:
Syria Map:
Anubis' C-130 Hercules 5.8 (check discord for latest):

Example Hercules path: C:\Users\Forest Rat\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft\Hercules ver 5.8

Optional Liveries:
CAL FIRE Hercules:

Please report any and all feedback here.

And remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Version 0.99e changes:
-Added TF-51
Version 0.99f changes:
-Added smoke to Hercules loadout (select P2 and P3 stations, arm, release)

-P2 smoke might not turn off (Herc 5.8)
-Sometimes you'll suppress more zones than you should be able to
-Sometimes you'll be empty and it won't accurately report (I think I need to try a new method entirely)
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