Hormuz in Crisis

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DCS: World 2.5

Hormuz in Crisis

Autore - Viper 01
Data - 08.11.2020 02:15:20
This is a Multiplayer mission so it is best played with a large group of friends as you will need Cap, Cas, and Sead. In this mission you and your group of freinds will be part of a large mission to destroy enemy SAM and ASM sites as well as being responsable for the rescue of the Stena Impero crew via a two ship of UH-1H Huey's. For those of you who dont have friends you can visit the Wolf Pack U.S servers and go to https://discord.gg/7DSRhkb to participate in weekly missions, no experience required.

Includes : F-14 / F-18 / F-16 / F-15 / AV8B / A10C-II / A10-A / UH-1H / Super Carrier /

(This mission also includes naval aircraft on land for those of you who dont have the Super Carrier)

*Update fixed tanker feq

Situation :

Over the past year Iran has exhibited several instances of hostility towards Nato and its neighboring countries after massive sanctions and multiple Iranian tankers having been seized by both British and American naval forces under suspicion of delivering their cargo to Syria and Venezuela. The Strait of Hormuz is currently under heavy lockdown due to Iran seizing the British oil tanker Stena Impero and threatening to fire scud and anti ship missiles on any ship entering the strait. In response the U.S. has sent the Seventh Fleet to the Persian Gulf.
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