Ustio Air Force Mirage 2000C - Ace Combat Zero (20th AFU)

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Ustio Air Force Mirage 2000C - Ace Combat Zero (20th AFU)

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Ace Combat Zero , Ustio Air Force, Werewolf Team, 6th Air Division, 20th Air Force Unit.

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[Pilot data in description]

[Pilot Data]
Aircraft: No.039
Name: Cpt. Harald Eikeli
Callsign: Werewolf 1
Tac Name: Opus
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Nationality: Nordland
Status: survived

Serving in Nordland's Air Defence Force for most of the 1970s, Eikeli would resign fr om the Armed Forces and sign up with the foreign mercenary
forces in pursuit of better pay. After hiring on with the Ustian Air Force in January of 1995 he was involved with several border skirmishes along
the Ustian-Belkan border, scoring several victories before the official start of the war. After the commencement of hostilities in March, Harald
was assigned to lead the 20th AFU (WereWolf Team). Displaying exceptional skill in air-to-air combat, he would continue to gain a reputation as a
skilled fighter pilot throughout the conflict while maintaining good relations with many of the other merc units at Valais Air Base. After the end
of hostilities in June Cpt. Eikeli would stay around till August choosing to buy out his contract rather than wait till the end of the year, thus
he would miss out on A World With No Boundaries conflict in December. Harald returned to his home country where he used his earning to start his
own security company in the city of Peterhamn, where he still resides to this day.

[Pilot Data]
Aircraft: No.017
Name: Lt. Vladimirs Ziedins
Callsign: Werewolf 2
Tac Name: Wick
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Nationality: Wielvakia
Status: KIA

Little information on Lt.Ziedins before The Belkan War is available except for some official records of prior service as a Wielvakian Naval aviator.
Signing up with Ustio's mercenary unit at the start of the war he was assigned to the 20th Air Force Unit under the command of Cpt.Eikeli. Displaying
tremendous skill in air combat, much like his flight lead he would be held in high regard by the other pilots. On June 20th, 1995 the unit was assigned
to the Jupiter Strike Team during Operation Broom, after scoring several kills Ziedins's aircraft was struck by an enemy air-to-air missile causing
extensive damage to his aircraft. Communication logs and visual testimonies from other pilots stated that Ziedins ejected safely, however his corpse
was later recovered by CSAR teams following the battle, based on the wounds to his body it's believed he was captured and executed by Belkan militants
still operating in the area. His remains were later returned to his next of kin in Wielvakia with the official cause of death being labeled as an accident
to help cover up the covert post ceasefire operation.

[Pilot Data]
Aircraft: No.044
Name: Lt. Dillon Andrews
Callsign: Werewolf 3
Tac Name: Blink
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Nationality: Osea
Status: KIA

After being rejected by the Osean Air Defence force, Andrews would instead gain his wings through a civilian flight school and eventually get his license
though more from his families political and economic influence rather than his ability to be a competent pilot. Still wishing to experience life as a
military pilot he signed on with the foreign mercenary forces, eventually hiring on with the Ustian Air Force later being assigned to werewolf team.
Having no prior military experience and barely any flight time, his squadron mates were bombarded with questions over basic tactics and maneuvers. His
obnoxious attitude and overconfidence in his abilities would lead many in the to regard him as nothing but a hot head wannabe fighter jockey. Andrews's skills
in combat were mediocre at best only scoring a couple of victories by the time Ustio was liberated. on May 28, 1995 the squadron was deployed to the B7R
airspace during operation Battle-Axe wh ere he was shot down after attempting to duel an enemy Su-47, no signs of an ejection or para shoot were observed
with one pilot Cpt.Gubabov Yakovich of the 09th Air Force Unit commenting "It's a miracle the stupid fu*k lasted this long." In 1998 his family would fund
an expedition to locate his body in the mountainous desert Wasteland of the B7R area. After two weeks of searching, his crash site was located and his remains
were recovered and returned to Osea.
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