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DCS: World 2.5
MiG-19P Farmer
Persian Gulf Defence, update: 17_09_20

Persian Gulf Defence, update: 17_09_20

Autore - comcom
Data - 18.09.2020 12:04
UPDATE: 09_17_20
This is a Persian Gulf Defence SP mission. It uses a MOOSE script AI_A2A Dispatcher combined with a MIST script SkyNET AI DefenceNET.
The two scripts act together to provide a G2A missile defence network and an AI GCI dispatcher together with AI CAP management.
Also an older MOOSE script EWRS that provides EWR target information to air-born fighters of designated coalitions.

UPDATE: 09_17_20:
Added Random skill level for all AI to make for less repetition.
Modified AI_A2A_Dispatcher GCI script to make use of different weapon loadouts on "LAR" and "Qeshm" based MiG-19P and MiG-21bis CAP squadrons.
Added Escort flight for Harrier_SEAD_ATTACK so that the AI_A2A_Dispatcher can show it's GCI dispatching function.
Added more pilot names from famous aviation movies.

The mission itself is quite simple for either a MiG-19P interceptor or a MiG-21bis interceptor.
The MiG-19P intercepts a C-130 black-op flight and the MiG-21bis intercepts a B-52H bombing mission.
Both options make use of the EWRS information that is provided as a picture communication menu in game.
Also information is provided by the AI_A2A dispatcher and the SkyNET AirDefenceNET at the same time.
Any of these theatre picture menus can be turned on or off via F10 communications options menu in game.
After take-off the MiG-19P can also tune the ARK navigation radio to the FAR beacon and the GIK-1 Navigation Instrument
will point the direction for intercept the C-130 spy plane. I programmed the ARK radio pre-flight for the FAR and NEAR beacon.
The NEAR beacon will show the direction to the MiG-19P's home base Bandar Abbas.
I tried to pre-program the ARK navigation radio for the MiG-12bis but was unable to do so.

The mission has a few pretty common MODS that most people should have, I removed quite a few other MOD's but these I left in because they
add a lot of ambience.

List of MoD's to install for this mission:
This is the A-4E-C freeware MoD it's great get it, install it.
I use it mostly for AI, I haven't really flown it but I've checked out the cockpit
and it's awesome.
This is CivilAircraftMod it's pretty nice to have for all the civil aircraft that you'd like to
see flitting around while your on the job. I recommend you download the skins also so you've
got it all.
Crewbus by SUNTSAG:
This is an old MoD by SUNTSAG that is not a crewbus but actually a *zil 1351 re-supply transport that is really a nice model
it is included in the download called Rail Yard Mods.7z You should only put the folder called "CREW BUS" into your
USER\Saved Games/Your DCS/Mods/tech folder. The mod has the name *zil135truck in the mission editor.
It can be used as a static or AI unit in the game.
FrenchPack V3.5 this is a nice addition for many armored vehicles and nice desert tents.
Iranian speed Boat is part of ADMIRAL189's in the DCS MOD's forum he has lots of boats in there and the Iranian Speed Boat
is one of them.
VPC Airfield Equipment Mod: v0.95 it's the newest version and it's worth having for all the equipment that
it makes available for your missions.
VSN flyable aircraft mods:
I don't fly them I just use them for AI
They are very good as AI also, I use them for AI in all my missions
for my Persian Gulf Defence you need to get:  F104G, F-14A, F-4E, and the TornadoIDS
that's all for VSN.
One more Aircraft mod in my mission that does not show on the list of mod's when you load the mission
is this MoD MiG-31 I use it as AI only and it makes a great CAP plane with fuel tanks and R-37 missle
it's a great RUS AI.
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