Attack on insurgents training camp - Syria

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Attack on insurgents training camp - Syria

Attack on insurgents training camp - Syria

Autore - sirrah
Data - 10.09.2020 09:14:50
Update to version 1.2

Operation Inherent Resolve - Juli 28th 2015

You are based at Incirlik AB (Turkey) as part of CJTF-OIR.
Intelligence recently discovered an insurgent training camp 25nm south-east of Aleppo city (bullseye). The enemy activities in and around this camp, have been closely monitored for the past couple of days. Proof has been gathered that the bunker (as shown on the satellite pictures) is used for ammo and explosives storage.

Your flight package is tasked with the attack on this camp.

Mission duration: ±1 hour
Mission difficulty: Easy
No mods required
No SC required
No loadout restrictions (feel free to change)
Syria map required (obviously)

(My idea is, to port this mission over to the Viper, once the Viper is more feature complete)

FORD2 Mission objective:
Destroy insurgent ammo bunker at N35-55-03-69 E37-33-00-36

You are free to choose a different loadout, however try to follow the preplanned waypoints. Moderately diverting fr om the preplanned flight route or not damaging the main target will result in a mission failure. (Tip: Maybe at least leave one Mav under your wing, just in case anything else comes up)

Once you return to base, the mission will end when you are parked in front of your HAS (marked on F-10 map) and battery power is switched off.

STRIKE                      2*F/A-18C      (FORD2)   252.000 MHz - player
GROUND ATTACK    2*A-10C         (COLT6)
ESCORT                    2*F-16CM       (SPRINGFIELD1)
AWACS                     1*E-3A            (FOCUS3)

GUARD FREQ. 249.500 MHz

298.250 MHz

UHF 360.100 MHz
VHF 129.400 MHz


Change log:
- Removed almost all destruction zones at Aleppo, which hopefully increases performance a bit (and definitely improved loading times) (also, just set terrain textures to low. You won't see difference and it'll bump performance)
- Removed the restriction of external views
- Changed mission end trigger to "Battery power off" instead of "engine RPM=0"
- Added scoring (85 points for the primary target, 15 points for secondary)
- Fixed issue wh ere CAP escort just wouldn't stop escorting
- Default loadout changed to 2xGBU-31 (make sure drop 'em both to prevent imbalance - Just wipe the entire camp and leave Colt6 standing with their ... in their hands ;-))
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