Oil Platform Deep Night Strike

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Oil Platform Deep Night Strike

Oil Platform Deep Night Strike

Autore - Swamp_Fox
Data - 08.09.2020 04:25:49
When it says deep strike? Yeah, that means DEEP strike.

Requires Persian Gulf, Supercarrier, and knowledge of both Case III operations and tanking.

The target is about 600 nautical miles away as the crow flies, but as SAMs are a thing (which I've tried to model locations of as close to real life as possible), closer to 900 as the hornet flies. You WILL need to know how to tank, and do so at least twice, and you WILL need to know how to fly a Case III approach in poor weather, at night. There's not much turbulence (if any; the value isn't zero but I certainly wasn't noticing any effects), because I also want to fly this and I don't COMPLETELY hate myself, but there's rain, fog, and a low ceiling.

If you manage to find three friends that also want to fly this, there are a grand total of 4 Hornet slots; if you're running by yourself, please select the first one, several triggers are linked to "Pontiac 1-1".

I've done a fair amount of testing to make sure everything works how it should, but if you run into any issues, please let me know. If you use it for anything in an official capacity, please credit me.

Update 16/9/20: Custom kneeboard & briefing images added, targets moved slightly to all represent real-world oil platforms in the Nowruz oil field.
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