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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Best Idea Ever! (1.2)

Best Idea Ever! (1.2)

Autore - Clutchy
Data - 08.08.2020 16:31:46
Updated (Apr 17): For use with Beta 2.7
Update (Mar 15): Sawd a bug. Squished it good.

You're a genius! During these Gig Economy days, you've come up with the best idea ever! You'll going to be a supersonic delivery dude/dudette!

To Practice:
- Unconventional takeoffs and landings

To establish a sustainable operational cost model, you discarded the concept of paying airport landing fees. As such, you are only permitted to use highways and farmers' fields for landings/takeoffs. Mind the buildings, rocks, telephone poles, cars, trees, bunnies, etc.

Fly your route and make your deliveries. You will earn about $35 per delivery. That should cover the cost of gas. (editor's note: No, it won't.)

To make a delivery, you must land within the smoke markers, come to a complete stop and use Radio F10 to "Make Delivery". When done, take off and proceed to your next delivery point.

Delivery 1 (basketball): WP 1 - 2
Delivery 2 (frying pan): WP 3 - 4
Delivery 3 (earbuds): WP 5 - 6
Delivery 4 (puppy): WP 7 - 8
Delivery 5 (pair of socks) WP 9 - 10  

Land at Senaki-Kolkhi to end the mission.

Now, get out there and start your delivery empire!
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