Ace Combat - The Guardian of the Continental "Stonehenge"

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DCS: World 2.5
Ace Combat - The Guardian of the Continental "Stonehenge"

Ace Combat - The Guardian of the Continental "Stonehenge"

Tipo - Mod
Autore - StrangerealCrew
Data - 06.06.2020 08:10
Ace Combat inspire project for DCS World. The guardian of the continental "Stonehenge" asset is now arrive to DCS World.

<< Description >>
    Stonehenge is experimental project for making the DCS World mod (static object) with small group of DCS player who love in Ace Combat universe and would like to create our be loving structure/location into DCS world.    
    This project is re-create of Stonehenge original from Ace Combat Series.   
    Please take note that Stonehenge is a static asset and still need improvement that will coming in the future.

    Stonehenge has 2 Part:

        1. Stonehenge Facility  :    Is the base of Stonehenge with have diameter to ~7 km. (4.34 miles).
        2. Stonehenge Turret    :    Is the turret part that has separate to 4 custom post such as NORM (Gun barrel level), DOWN (Gun barrel point down), UP20 (Gun barrel point up 20 degree) and UP82 (Gun barrel point up 82 degree).

        You can found the asset in structure menu.

<< Knowing Issued >>
    + Stonehenge turret animation is not implemented and can not use as weapown or unit.
    + Mod might have performance issued (FPS Drop) when you get too close from Stonehenge (about 0-300 ft AGL).
    + Stonehenge facility damage is not implemented.
    + Stonehenge turret LOD at the moment (06JUN2020) still have only 1 LOD (LOD0) other LOD will be update in the future.

<< Installation >>
    1. Extract rar file.
    2. Copy/Move the "Ace Combat Assets - Stonehenge " folder to "C:\Users\*your computer name*\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech".
    3. Enjoy the mod !

<< Create by >>
    + Panbhu Ratanavichein (Modeling and texturing) (
    + Erica (Art director) (
    + StangerealCrew (Modeling, texturing and coding) (
    + Shinawat Thurdnampetch (3D technical)

<< Change Log >>
    + V1.0 Initial Release (06JUN2020)
  • Licenza: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Lingua: Any language
  • Dimensione: 96 Mb
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