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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
CF-18 Balkan Rats 3.2

CF-18 Balkan Rats 3.2

Type - Skin
Author - Megalax
Date - 24.06.2020 08:32
CF-18 Operation Echo ALLIED FORCE.
Updated and Improved to the latest OB standard. **V3.3 roughmet update.

In June 1998 Canada committed 6 CF-18 aircraft to help enforce the no-fly zone in the Balkans. That commitment eventually grew to 18 CF-18. The unit eventually became known as the "Balkan Rats", a unit made up of aircraft and personnel fr om both 3 Wing Bagotville and 4 Wing Cold Lake. Op Echo ended in December 2000.

This generic CF-18 skin represents the aircraft that were painted with the "Rats" marking, and some mission markings on the nose. Also included is a custom pilot with the "Balkan Rats" shoulder patch.

Also includes a custom pilot (with proper dark blue undershirt), and redone roughtmet effect layer.

This pack fixes the helmet issues brought in with the most recent OB version change (DCS dated May 19 2020)

These are version 3.0 of my previous skins, the older versions are still available for those who still use them in DCS Stable version. New tail pipe texturing, new roughmets and small details added to make it more Canadian feeling. The ID light now has a normal map so it doesn't look like a sticker anymore. Also has new engine covers for making this a static plane in missions.

A few compromises were made based on how DCS handles numbering for generic skins. Instead of having a blank wing wh ere the Aircraft Number usually is on RCAF Hornets, I elected to have 'RCAF' in their place in order to maintain some kind of balanced aesthetic. Also the numbers on the tails are all '188700', again to maintain the aesthetic.

This pack includes a specially edited normal map by user lee1hy.
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