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USNF '95 ~ "Ready, Player Two"

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Data - 06.11.2019 20:35:56
Persian Gulf 1995

Tensions in the Gulf are at an all time high.  Despite a relative calm over the last decade between Russian and US forces, the Middle East remains one of the most unstable and deadliest regions of the world.

The Iranians have made bold moves to re-calibrate the balance of power in the Gulf.  With Soviet support and technology the more 'hard-line' factions in Iran have made a push to disrupt free shipping and commerce passing through the Straight Of Hormuz.

The US and her allies will not stand idly by and let the Iranian militants put the stability of peace and trade in doubt.  A first rate USN battle-group has been deployed to the Gulf to help address the growing crisis.

TIME: 0800

The U.S.S Stennis and her battle-group have been deployed to the Persian Gulf.  After a long hard year of the highest combat training in the world, you have been assigned your first duty station...and it’s a big one.

With relations at an all-time low and tempers flaring, this is the most dangerous place to be on Earth.  It is feared that nearly any slight misunderstanding could quickly escalate to a shooting war in a matter of minutes.

The United States is here to promote peace, but not at any cost.  The Iranian’s have been shown to be operating in bad faith, having set up long range - offensive capable missile batteries in this region.  It represents a clear and present danger to the free movement of commerce in the Gulf.  

Your orders today are to join your battle-group and wait for further instruction.  And this is no ordinary air wing to be sure.  Commander Pete Mitchell (Maverick) is assigned to the USS Stennis and the rumors are that his usual wing-man will have to sit this one out.  That puts you and your RIO up to bat about that for an initiation and welcome party!  Things move fast out here in the real world, lets hope you can get ship-shape in a hurry.

This is a pretty lengthy mission and its best played when you follow the 'script'.  I would suggest picking up the skins for Maverick & Iceman (there are a few so choose the one you like best)

You will need this MODPACK that I have the link for.  Put all mods in the appropriate folder (tech) --- as of 11/6/2019 they were all working fine.

I hope you enjoy---I have play tested this one quite a bit, but its always possible I missed something.  Feel free to leave advice/criticism about the mission.  
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