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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat

Operation Suckerpunch - Co-op / Single

Caricata da - Hovis
Data - 29.05.2019 10:20:51
Work alongside a buddy or two to command a carrier-borne strike deep into the enemy territory

2x F/A-18C Hornets
2x F-14B Tomcats

Thoroughly tested and tweaked with the feedback from the great guys over at Wingman Finder!


The NATO carrier group has recently launched several vicious assaults on Russian occupied airbases along the coast of Abkhazia in an effort to drive the enemy back across the border and into their homeland. However this action has not gone unpunished, Retaliatory strikes against the carrier group came far to close to succeeding for comfort.


Today's objective is to strike deep into the heart of the enemy and take from the assets they use to such great effect. Satellite imagery has located 2 bomber squadrons on the pan at Maykop-Khanskaya airbase. Disabling or destroying these assets as well as any supporting structures will surely hinder the enemy's ability to fight back against the NATO effort to free the people of Georgia.


Work alongside two flights of (finely-tuned / no funky business) AI to fight your way past any Russian CAP elements, suppress or destroy any SAM threat protecting Maykop and launch a lightning strike on the airbase, target any bombers in parking areas as well as supporting structures around the airfield such as ammo or fuel dumps.

Keep low and move fast as QRA elements are likely to be scrambled the moment you poke the Red Bear.


Uzi - AI flight acting as CAP, assisting you with any hostile fighters in the AO as well as protecting you as you complete the strike mission and retreat to the south.<br />
Pontiac - AI flight with SEAD capability following up behind Uzi to suppress or destroy any SAMs that threaten your low altitude approach to target<br />
Tanker - On hand in case killing Russians makes you thirsty

Enjoy the op! If you have any feedback or improvements that come to mind please feel free to pass them along!
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