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F14 Clean Label Cockpits

Tipo - Mod
Caricata da - japo32
Data - 16.03.2019 03:49:29
Rework of the labels of the Cockpit for better reading specially in VR.
Update: Added Several Warning Lights.
Added the Front Pilot Landing/Takeoff Checklist, and Buttons on Rio Radar panel.
Fixed Integrity Check error on multiplayer servers. Instructions inside how to install the textures (thanks to Capix from E69 and Crazy from La Fundación)

(update: fixed fake mirrors texture)

Update 2021: Added F14A and corrected CAP arrow low illumination. Corrected CAP NUMBER button.

Update 2023 March. Fixed new moving mirrors.

Heatblur did a great work in the textures. Amazing, but even it is great as texture for visual, it is difficult to understand some of the labels of the cockpit. Specially in VR.
I have redone the labels to make them more contrast and no wear in them. Also made some bigger letters in some of the labels.
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