Caucasus multiplayer ready mission template

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DCS: World 2.5

Caucasus multiplayer ready mission template

Caricata da - riojax
Data - 27.09.2018 11:40:36
This is a mission template with a lot modules, air and ground targets on the most realistic manner. The idea is to be the base for custom missions.

It's included 3 files, one for day, other for night and another for rainy/windy missions.
All missions have SAMs and targets in their real positions.

Current release: r2

* Changelog:
- Added F-14B client (CAS and Intercept roles)
- Added CVN-73 for F-14s
- Added LSO script
- Added MIST script
- Added CTLD script
- Better dynamic JTAC support
- Fixed TACAN and D/L frequencies for F/A-18C
- Fixes on persistent AI planes and roles
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