Su-37 Flanker-F (T-10M-711) (Su-33)

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DCS: World 2.5
Su-37 Flanker-F (T-10M-711) (Su-33)

Su-37 Flanker-F (T-10M-711) (Su-33)

Tipo - Livrea
Autore - Texac
Data - 01.04.2017 18:56:35
Su-37 Flanker-F paint schemes for the Su-33.

This skin file includes a fictional production & 3 original versions of the T-10M-11, also known as the Su-37 Super Flanker or Terminator, paint scheme painted onto the Su-33.

Removed previous update list.

Update 02-14-2021:
- Complete overhaul of the colors for all versions
- Added detail to the nose and other areas
- Inclusion of watermanpc's RoughMet textures
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