1/07/2020, time - unknown : Israeli intelligence reports after suspicious objects belonging to Iran on Syria territory. There're 3 objects to destroy. One of them looks to be reinforced. 1/07/2020, 6:20 P.M. - allied AWACS reports about suspicious flying objects, probably UAV which is flying near our grounds. 1/07/2020, 6:40 P.M. - tasks are changed ...
Date: 04/09/2020
F18-God Bless You -syria F18-God Bless You -syria Skin Any language Any version F/A-18C Hornet Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 119
Date: 09/10/2019
SaAF pack for DCS world. Includes skins for IL-76, SU-24, YAK-40, MIG-29A, SU-27, KA-50, L-39C/ZA, MI-24 and MI-8 (Final update) Mod that adds the Syrian Arab Air force to the game aswell as giving ground vehicles to the Syrian faction  <br /><br /> IL-76 is in a Syrian Air livery <br /> MIG-29A is 689th Squadron from the infamous T-4 Air Base<br /> SU-27 is based on ...
Date: 02/06/2019
This adds a Syrian airforce skin to the MIG-29A. Its based of the 689th Squadron at T-4 airbase This is my first ever skin. So its fairly basic. <br /> <br /> Install:<br /> DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\mig-29a\<br /> <br /> Changelog: ...
Date: 02/05/2019
2 skins for DCS MiG-15bis Includes 2 skins: -Iraqi AF (pre '91) -Syrian AF Skin Any language MiG-15bis Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 1632
Date: 03/11/2015
Arab Air Force Skins for the MiG-19P. A selection of six fictional Middle Eastern liveries for the MiG-19P including Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and Libya. Unfortunately, the Farmer hasn't got the best paint kit in the world and there was only so much I could do... Skin Other DCS: World 2.5 MiG-19P Farmer Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 228
Date: 11/20/2019
Just a simple skin for the Yak 52 depicting a Yak-18A of the UARAF (Syrian air force) I wanted to make a nice skin for the Yak-52, that would be adapted to the desertic environnement of the Persian Gulf map. Unfortunately no arab country as ever been operating the Yak-52 but I found out that the United Arab Republic  has ...
Date: 12/16/2018

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