This is a fictional repaint of the Mirage 2000C in the scheme of the Rafale Solo Display 2017.  I have sought to replicate the airshow display plane flown in 2017 by "Marty" Martinez.     Tested  in DCS 2.5.4.  This pack includes new textures for the plane, fuel tanks, pilot and patches.  I hope you enjoy ...
Date: 12/28/2018
A modded camera shake effect This is a modded camera shake effect for using with F3/F11 external cameras (also usable in the F2 camera or any external one, though the effect is edited for static viewer better) that simulates a recording camera movement effect with NO TRANSLATIONS, which means the camera placement is static (no translation shake effect). To activate it, you must press "LShift+J" about 6 times (have no idea why this is a requirement but its always been in DCS) to the shake...
Date: 04/08/2018
After great teamwork between me and Kenneth, I am glad to announce the release of the E-191 from the Royal Danish Airforce (RDAF) aka. "Dannebrogs 800-years anniversary". It's only a demo display in real life, but as you desire, it can, of course, be used in combat. Just not in the real world. The livery is not perfect, but most parts are correct. Enjoy the livery and fly high! On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of Dannebrog,...
Date: 10/21/2019
Based on the real N39TJ painted in Thunderbirds colours Skin based on a real L-39 with registration N39TJ having a Thunderbird livery To Install: Extract Blue Angel 7 folder to Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\L-39\Liveries\L-39C For difficulties, queries, or dilemmas regarding the repaint please e-mail me on or just find me on Facebook Skin English DCS: World 1.5 L-39 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 14-07-2016 14:00:05
Date: 07/14/2016

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