This skin pack includes a CAG bird for VFA-131.  The skin has a "normal" version and a weathered version.  While the skins use the dynamic MODEXes (side numbers), the MODEX for these skins was historically 400.  Weathered skins have a bleached effect as if the aircraft were heavily exposed to the sun for months on end.  Normal skins include pilots with green flightsuits, while weathered skins include pilots with desert flightsuits.  Note: this skin pack is distributed as an EXE installer...
Date: 05/24/2020
F/A-18C from the VFA-131 (2003) Hello, This is my first skin, it was requested by my brother who have the plane in scale model. This is the skin of the squadron leader of the VFA-131 of 2003. for installation simply copy the file from the .rar to DCS World/Bazar/Liveries/f_a-18c Enjoy your flight! Skin English DCS: World Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 1283
Date: 10/26/2014

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