Georgian Oil War with four (4) clients/players. Hey folks, this is a modified version of Georgian Oil War for DCS Black Shark 2 It can now be played with four (4) players. Changes: - removed AI wingman - added KA-50s for four (4) clients - added waypoints for all clients - standard loadout for all clients, 12x Vikhrs + 40x S-8s - standard camo - updated the triggers so every client could activate them - all clients start in parking position I don't claim credit for these missions...
Date: 04/14/2015
Georgian Oil War 2 Player Campaign All 100 Georgian Oil War Campaign missions edited for the following: -2 KA-50's, both client -both army standard camo -2nd player has vhikers and S-8 Kom's -1st player has waypoints -AI Wingman removed -Both helicopters begin started (removed cold starts where applicable) I IN NO WAY CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY OR CREDIT FOR THESE MISSIONS. I merely modified them to be 2 player friendly for those who would like them. Ka-50 480
Date: 02/03/2012

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