Recreation of Operation Overlord. Features: JU-88s doing torpedo attacks B-17 and A20 Bombers carpet bombing (but limited to a maximum of 4 planes at a time due to FPS concerns). Flak will really be a concern and not just the usual eye candy.  Fly straight and level and you will get hit. Change for v1.2 - Night Missions - Sorties are now more A-G focused rather than escort missions and CAP - B-17s and A-20s now fly in flights of 4 instead of just 2 - Changed allied AA defense to accomodate...
Date: 07/23/2020
... "тонкая" настройка шасси и настройка ФМ. Fine chassis tuning and FM tuning. Более "тонкая" настройка шасси и настройка ФМ. Путь установки: DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\FW-190D9\FM Оригинальный файл "FMOptions.LUA" сохраните (сделайте копию), прежде чем согласиться на замену. Тщательная настройка обеспечивает ...
Date: 04/16/2016
Start Up Checklist for the Fw-190D9 "Dora" Checklist for the Dora, based on his Flight Manual. Document English Other Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 02/16/2015 02:00:48 2130
Date: 02/15/2015
Fictional semi-historical livery for the DCS Fw-190D-9 Hi everybody This is a fictional semi historical livery livery based on historical JG 26 during the 1943 LICENSE Fw-190D-9 JG26 1943 is a livery made by PorcoRosso86. Free license, do not redistribuite. If you want to use my livery like a base of other, please put the credit and the link of the original skin. Don't modify the original LUA comments of the original creator, but add another comment. Skin Any language Any version...
Date: 04/13/2018

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