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DCS: World 2.7
A-10C II Tank Killer
Operation Babushka - A-10C II Easy mission for Beginner
Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - Seal550
Date - 16.10.2020 01:06:57
Familiarize yourself with the A-10C II  on Caucasus Map.

A Russian Rapid Deployment Force took control of a neighboring Air Base. They are well equipped and hostile.
The Russians are currently carrying out a heavy artillery strike on one of our supply convoys, preventing its progression.

It is also under harassment by Russian infantry but seems to be managing the situation. Do not hesitate to bring him a Close Air Support ASAP. The convoy will signal the enemy presence on the field with a Red Smoke.

The airspace being sealed off, the enemy will have no air support, take advantage of it.
The deployment of this force must be immediately halted by all necessary means.
  • Licence: Freeware - Version Gratuite, Distribution non limitée
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Taille: 2.16 Mo
  • Téléchargé: 1412
  • Commentaires: 16
N'importe quelle version
Ka-50 Weapon Employment Training Türkçe
Type - Mission Solo
Date - 28.03.2020 08:58:13
Dcs World'un kendi hazırlamış olduğu eğitim misyonlarının altyazıları Türkçeleştirildi. dosyayı Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions klasörüne yerleştirin.
  • Licence: Freeware - Version Gratuite, Distribution non limitée
  • Langue: Autre
  • Taille: 13.2 Mo
  • Téléchargé: 58
  • Commentaires: 0