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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
Uploaded by - ironeagle_666
Date - 07.12.2018 19:16:08
I dont fly the huey much, will all the Modern aircraft, Decided to make a close convoy escort mission, just for hueys, havent enjoyed flying this much in a long time, On the persian gulf map,

Fly from the tarawa, A10s fly over clear the shorline, while uh1's fly to the farp to load up with weapons,fly direct to shore from the tarawa, over the destroyed silkworms, follow the road, over the mountain to the farp.arm and fuel up.  then fly to join up with the convoy,follow the flares. use coms to move them out, escort through canyon, full on fire fights, once clear of the canyon, theres a farp to rearm and refuel, convoy will hold,

Once all ready, use comms to move them out again, first town theres an ambush, 2nd big town, a huge full on fire fight, multiple troop groups, ural 375's, ( looks amazing in the dark with all the tracers) once or if clear of the 2nd town custom FOB a few miles ahead, (will need the ranger pack) A10 support will be available for the 2nd town using comms,
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