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DCS World 2.5
Krasnodar Variable Ground Attack (SP and MP)
Auteur - Apache600
Date - 18.01.2020 16:29:24
This is an "all-in-one" style ground attack mission that has the ability to offer variation. It can also be flown as either a single or multi-player mission.
Every flyable aircraft and helicopter in DCS is available to be flown here. Each aircraft has at least three available slots, Each helicopter has four, except for the Gazelle.

The basis of this mission is such that you start on the ramp in the Krasnodar area. And depending on the direction you fly, you activate different levels of difficulty. Each individual level/area then has 4 different missions inside of it that it randomly selects from. They each contain 30+ ground units, ranging from lightly unarmed vehicles to tanks, and a few hardened structures, and some AAA/SAMs in the harder sectors.
  • Licence: Freeware - Version gratuite. Distribution libre
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Taille: 14.39 Mo
  • Téléchargé: 2221
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