Ka-50 - Night Moves Mission

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Ka-50 - Night Moves Mission

Ka-50 - Night Moves Mission

Type - Mission solo
Auteur - ZoomBoy27
Date - 01.10.2014 04:26
DCS Ka-50 Black Shark

A mission using call-on-demand flare-bombs to allow the Ka-50 Black Shark to fight at night.  Find the bunker and the enemy unit and destroy them.

Night Moves

The Ka-50 normally cannot shoot at night. But with coordination from an allied unit mortaring flare-bombs, it can be done.


Our Russian forces in Perveli Ohurey are dis-organized. The Georgian enemy is going to set-up areas for a start line at Achigwara North.
Your Ka-50 wing is the only asset we have to disrupt an enemy advance northwards.

- Destroy the Bunker at the North (Waypoint 2)
- Destroy enemy vehicles. Check the three set-up areas shown on the briefing map.

Night time mission.
We have a scout unit at Observation Post 23 (OP23) that will be shooting flares to light the area
There are two areas that are callable - NORTH and WEST
They are call-on-demand using the Radio Comms menu. Each flare-bomb lasts 5 minutes.

Read the Technical Notes in the briefing for reminders on night-flying
There are 2 mission versions Ramp(cold) Start and Runway Start

Mission Version 1.00
DCS World 1.2.10 - Ka-50 Module
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