Bf-109 Retrowave Bare Metal Skin Collection

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Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst

Bf-109 Retrowave Bare Metal Skin Collection

Type - Skin
Uploadé par - Quartermaster
Date - 18.09.2022 23:28:57
Three high-polish aluminum bare metal art-house liveries for the 109 with New Retrowave themes

These three skins are all Retrowave-themed, built around a just-for-fun geometry design for a "what-if" racing-style livery which we'd of course never have seen on a 109.

1 - "Gunship" Sunset - themed for the Retrowave band of the same name; if you've not picked up their music, it's time to start. Or hit YouTube and watch their excellent "Fly for your Life" music video, which features a 109 vs. a Spit. Nose art is not associated with the band but seemed a solid fit.

2 - Silverhawks - if you grew up in the 80s, its possible you watched a somewhat obscure US sci-fi cartoon named Silverhawks; this livery features the "mother" of the Silverhawks family in its noseart, which is actually Bettie Page drawn up as the character in question, Steelheart.

3 - Naked - I enjoyed creating the "vents" geometry design so much I included a version which is 100% polished aluminum with just the geometry designs on the acft.

ATTENTION: To make the drop tanks work properly, you MUST open the readme in the zip file and follow instructions!

NOTE: Remember, if you load into an aircraft with drop tanks equipped and change your skin on the ground, your drop tank will NOT change with you. You'll have to dump that tank and rearm with a new tank; the newly loaded tank will pull from the skin you've recently selected.

I know I'm gonna get some heat & maybe a little hate for doing a bare metal 109, but I hope you enjoy it - next up I'm gonna smack the 190 with the polished aluminum stick and see how it goes.
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