DJBiscuit's Optimized Mirage F1 Autostart (v2.0.6, updated for F1EE!)

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DCS: World 2.7
Mirage F1

DJBiscuit's Optimized Mirage F1 Autostart (v2.0.6, updated for F1EE!)

Type - Utilitaire
Uploadé par - DJBiscuit1818
Date - 19.08.2022 19:15:35
Most Recent Update: v2.0.6, 18:04 UTC, February 19, 2023 (Install path has also changed, full changelog and instructions in description)

An optimized (faster AND more thorough) Mirage F1 autostart macro designed for use primarily on Enigma's CW server (but also in general)

Performs similar features to my F-5 and F-18 autostarts.
Currently the macro cannot not turn on or adjust the CMDS, this is a known issue and seems to be a bug originating with Aerges.

Some of the more notable differences between this and the stock autostart:
-WAY Faster
  -engine start 0:15 vs 0:30
  -gyro start 0:30 vs 1:20
  -INS uses stored heading alignment instead of full alignment
  -ready to taxi (CE): 1:30 vs 2:20
-Actually lets you communicate with ground crew once you close the canopy (not a thing with the stock autostart as of Open Beta)
-Fuel Totalizer Displays amount in external tanks, not total fuel (you already have the lights and main gauge for internal fuel, no point in adding another counter for internals if the externals have 0 indicators)
-Sets Internal and External Lights (default external is bright to lessen the possibility of runway mishaps/accidents, but they can be set to dim or off in the config)
-Sets Nav Indicator (HSI) Mode (Very brief explanation of modes is in the file, more in-depth info can be found in your manual or online)
-Sets Radio Frequency/Preset/Mode, TACAN Mode/Frequency/Volume, and VOR Frequency/Volume
-ALL of these can be configured inside of the file (see HOW-TO section below)
-Turns on the Sidewinder/Magic Switch (effectively MSL COOL, but in Fr*nch. NOT to be confused with the Sidewinder/Magic/Guns button, a pseudo-dogfight switch)
-other miscellaneous setup like setting aspect to FORE, opening the master arm and selective jettison covers, and some stuff that probably isn't implemented yet (e.g. Automatic JPT regulation)

If you have any bugs, questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for features, let me know in the comments!


INSTALL: PATH HAS CHANGED WITH NEW UPDATE: Extract and the contained folder to C:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\Mirage-F1\Cockpit
This will overwrite several files, as the individual CE and EE startup files reference the common startup file.  (updates will overwrite the changes made. As such, I recommend placing the zip folder itself inside the listed directory, then just dropping the contained files back inside the scripts folder whenever an update overwrites it.)

MODIFY: Open the file in notepad/notepad++/any other text editor, the config section is right at the top and should be fairly self-explanatory

USE: Enter a cold F1, and press Win+Home! It's that simple!

***NOTE: This startup macro has been configured by "DJBscout"/"DJBiscuit". Feel free to use, modify, and/or redistribute this file. Send it to all your friends who might need it! However, if you do so, please credit me! On that very note, this script was inspired by /u/SlipHavoc's scripts, and I took a couple ideas from him here and there. However, all of the actual code modifications are my own work.***

-minor bug fixes
-updated to function with the EE
-includes faster INS startup and differing fuel amounts for CE vs EE fuel totalizer offset adjustment
-adjusted fuel totalizer adjustment code for Aerges' new axis sensitivity
-se t default radar state to on rather than standby
-fixed a couple small bugs
-Fixed the jettison selector code (fun fact, you need to use "==" instead of "=" to compare values)
-timed startup and added a "clear to taxi" message once you're ready to go (so you aren't just sitting waiting on the fuel totalizer adjustment)
-fixed fuel totalizer adjustment (this does require rearm completes before that portion of the script runs, however it is also the very last part of the script which should leave plenty of time)
-macro will now automatically select centerline or inner wing for selective jettison (depending on configured # of drop tanks, default is 1 tank with centerline jettison selected)
-fixed a couple small bugs
-fixed a bug that prevented the flaps fr om being automatically deployed for takeoff
-Aerges changed a bunch of keybinds/command numbers which screwed up the script. These all *should* be rectified now.
- Lots of functionality added, including TACAN/VOR mode, volume, etc.
- added cockpit cleanup (removes radar cover, hides stick)
- lots of other small tweaks/features
v1.1.0: Original Upload
v <1.1: Internal Testing Versions
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