Raid on Mortagne Ironworks

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DCS: World 2.7

Raid on Mortagne Ironworks

Auteur - Ozone1
Date - 14.09.2021 15:41:45
B-17's of the 8th Air Force have been tasked with the destruction of the Mortagne Ironworks, located deep within Nazi-occupied France and currently being used by the Germans for the production of vital war materials.

Your mission is to escort the bombers to and from the target in either Thunderbolts or Mustangs.

Requires Normandy and the WW2 Assets Pack

Well, I got the P-47 on trial and have fallen so in love with it, I thought I better crank out a mission before it expires... Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for the next sale now that my currency is all but worthless, however if you haven't tried the Jug yet, I suggest you do. It's such a boss!

Now I won't lie, I designed this mission with a dedicated server in mind, but there's no reason why you can't play it in single-player if you have a half-decent rig.

It's set up as a co-op for 4X P-47's and/or 4X P-51's. There are Spitfires available, however, the mission isn't geared around them and I doubt they'll even have the legs tbh.

You can also fly the mission in reverse as the Germans and intercept the bombers, although you will have to wait for them to get airborne first, and then listen out for radar contacts...

Now I may have taken a little inspiration from the Memphis Belle. (Okay, maybe a lot :P) So I highly recommend getting KIZIR_77 excellent B-17 Livery pack! Take my word for it, it's just going to seem wrong without "green" Fortresses. (It goes in "Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/Liveries/B-17G" - You might have to create the folder/s)

The only other skin you'll need is Reflected's also excellent olive drab 1943 livery for the P-47. (Goes in your main DCS World folder)

✪ B-17G:
✪ P-47D:

Mission length is approximately two hours... But don't worry, there's some inflight entertainment to amuse you along the way.
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