Abkhazian Antics 2 – Madame Cholet’s Surprise

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DCS: World 2.7
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

Abkhazian Antics 2 – Madame Cholet’s Surprise

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - Hedgeslammer
Date - 24.07.2021 14:57:51
The Abkhazians have invaded western Georgia with Russian backing, knocking out all of the airbases west of Tbilisi.
They’ve installed defences at Senaki airbase and Zugdidi city.
We’ve established a FARP in the north – Wimbledon Common – (& another at Batumi for Su25) and are now launching strikes against reinforcements and artillery.
Beware of SAMs.
You can fly the Harrier mission against the reinforcements (or use the Su25), or the Gazelle against the artillery.  Of course, there's a fair chance other tasks might come up too..
And if you fancy getting creative, just open the editor and swap the planes or helicopters to one's you'd like to fly.

Time to allow: aout 1-1.5hrs

Download the zip file, use 7zip or similar to unpack it
The briefing PDF & map should be in there too.

Copy the .miz file to your DCS Missions folder:
C:\Users\User’s name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta (if you’re using the DCS OpenBeta)\Missions
If you’ve got loads of missions, you might want to save it to a sub folder marked ‘Harrier’ or similar so you can find it more easily.

****** I've had a bash at audio radio messages after a request fr om someone in the last mission - haven't done this before, so it's uncharted territory - hopefully they should work fine as they have in testing, but let me know if there's any issues.

****** I've also had a go at randomising some aspects of the mission - not done this before either, but thought it would make it more fun to replay as you never quite know wh ere some things are going to be.

****** Each mission I put together seems to be more complex than the last, and this is no exception - randomisation, audio readio messages, and sort of separate missions for 2 different aircraft - It's been a bit of a learning curve, but see what you think & feedback anything you like, good or bad.

In a very busy day, the Abkhazians have invaded Georgia, taking control of Zugdidi city and the airbases and airports in the west of the country.
They’re consolidating their position at Senaki airbase with armour, SAMs and AAA, while facilities at other airbases are being demolished, and runways cratered – presumably to prevent the Georgians using them.  The airport at Batumi has been virtually destroyed by Abkhazian paratroops, but they’ve pulled out and the Georgians have repaired the runway sufficiently to land in an emergency.
FARP Wimbledon Common has been set up in the north, close to the mountains and is being used by British Harriers and Gazelles on attachment to the Georgians. The British government has not yet instructed their forces to stand down, so they’re following the instructions of the Georgian commanders they’ve been working with prior to the invasion.
Harriers are to strike a column of reinforcements spotted heading east from the coastal town of Anaklia.
Gazelles are to strike a group of Uragan artillery rocket launchers spotted travelling along the main road toward Senaki.
Beware of anti-air defences around Senaki (SA8) and Zugdidi (SA6) + AAA + MANPADS – keep clear of their engagement zones (marked in red on map), or as low as possible to avoid their radar.

Dodge flight - destroy the reinforcements column
Springfield flight – destroy the artillery


Air Units:
Dodge flight
Type: 1x Harrier based at FARP Wimbledon (or Su25T based at Batumi)
Freq: 243MHz (124MHz for Su25)
Task: Destroy reinforcements column
Ordnance: Harrier: 2x AGM-65F, 6x Mk20, cannon (although you’re welcome to choose other ordnance – you’ll see the re-supply trucks by the road – trundle up closer to them and you can re-arm. The Su25 can re-arm on the ramp)
Notes: Column comprises mainly lorries + BTRs. Unconfirmed AAA
1.    Anaklia – last known position of the reinforcements column
2.    Senaki airbase – for reference
3.    For Harrier: FARP Wimbledon Common, for Su25: Batumi
4.    Divert field – For Harrier: Batumi (minimal facilities, but the runway is just about intact), for Su25 pilots: FARP Wimbledon
5.    Bullseye – Hill18

Type: 1x SA342 Gazelle based at FARP Wimbledon  
Freq: 124MHz
Task: Destroy the 3 Uragan MRLS launchers
Ordnance: 4x HOT or Rockets & Cannon – your choice
Notes: Small group of support vehicles spotted travelling with them, including a pair of BRDMs
1.    Last reported position of the launchers, travelling east along the main road toward Senaki
2.    FARP Wimbledon Common
3.    Senaki airbase – for reference

Type: 2x Mig21 operating from Vaziani
Freq: 264MHz
Task: CAP
Ordnance: unknown

Ground Units:
Several small groups of Georgian armour conducting counter-attacks against the Abkhazians at Senaki and Kutaisi airfields

Friendly Bases:
Vaziani: 42.2Mhz

Ground threats:
Senaki airbase:
Multiple SA-8 launchers
Multiple ZSU-23
Multiple MANPADs

Zugdidi area:
SA-6 battery to the north of the city threatens the area almost out to the coast
Multiple ZSU-23 and SA-9 launchers

Other areas:
Various light armoured vehicles patrolling the roads North & West of Senaki, some AAA reported, MANPADs likely

Airborne Threats:
Frequent Russian SU-27s operating north of the mountains, so far haven’t crossed the border.
Little sign of Abkhazian fighters, but SU-25s and Mi-24s spotted landing at Senaki

The centre of “Hill 18” - the large hill between Zugdidi and Senaki, in the centre of grid square 18

Time & Weather:
Take off 18:30
Scattered cloud
Wind 4kts at 46 degrees at ground level

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