Hind Tactical Practice Mission (Open Beta Only)

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DCS: World 2.7

Hind Tactical Practice Mission (Open Beta Only)

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - kingsnake11
Date - 12.07.2021 21:45:15
Lebanon has contracted the Ukrainian Air Force to provide security for humanitarian flights providing medical assistance to Syrian refugees. A few hours after landing in Rayak at the end of a familiarization flight, you and your Weapon's officer are ready to return to the airbase at Wujah Al Hajar. Your Mi-24 has been re-fueled and are ready to take off when you receive a priority tasking. A World Food Program Mi-8 Hip on a return from a supply run has reportedly gone down to unknown causes. Local's reported that it may have been brought down by infiltrating ISIS insurgents. We have no independent verification if this is true.

The Hind was/is an icon of an era and personally, I am happy to see it in the DCS world...finally a helo gunship that requires some skill to fly, and more importantly, fight well.

I wanted to produce a training mission that exercises both flying and tactical skills. The first thing to notice is that the location in the Bekaa valley is a hot place to fly in the summer. The temperature and weather is consistent with the average weather for Lebanon at that time of year. Note that the air temperature is 30.2 C. Helo’s handle differently in hot thin air so care to power management will be needed. I have added a suggested load-out, but feel free to change to whatever weaponry you like.  I used the AT-6 for training with Petrovich.

Please read the PDF file in the miz file for a more complete description of the mission and expectations. Thank You and I hope you enjoy.
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