Firefighting Near Lake Mead.

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DCS: World 2.7
UH-1H Huey
Firefighting Near Lake Mead.

Firefighting Near Lake Mead.

Type - Mission Solo
Auteur - OliveBranchDCS
Date - 13.06.2021 14:45:04
A firefighting mission for the UH-1H in Nevada.

A fire breaks out at an RV park near Lake Mead. Engines roll from nearby Boulder City and Henderson. Even cold starting, your helicopter can get there faster. Rush to the lake and put out the fire before it grows beyond control.

This mission includes many triggers to cause the fire to grow and spread throughout the Lake Mead RV Village. You must deliver water to the fires to stop their spread, and more trips are required to put them out. is what happens if you don't.

This mission uses civilian ambulances and fire trucks to help.

Required Version:
DCS World v2.7.1

Required Mods:
WWII Units (

Ambulance, Helipads, and Static_objects from upuaut

Preferred Liveries:
ZS-HBV 'Chopper Bravo' (
ZU-MST 'Misty' (

Known Bugs:
A triggered message within the mission says to "Hover below 100 feet" to refill the bucket. The altitude detection is actually bugged. (It is the cargo's altitude, and cargo altitude nor cargo airspeed are correctly evaluated by triggers at this time.) Hovering at any altitude over water for 10 seconds will refill the bucket. (The airspeed is checked against the player aircraft rather than the cargo, so you do need to "hover".)
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