86th FS, 79th FG, "The Trojan Warhorse"

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DCS: World 2.5
P-47D Thunderbolt
86th FS, 79th FG, "The Trojan Warhorse"

86th FS, 79th FG, "The Trojan Warhorse"

Type - Skin
Auteur - Giskvoosk
Date - 05.03.2021 02:18:31
"The Trojan Warhorse" from the 86th Fighter Squadron, 79th Fighter Group, stationed in Italy and saw service during late 1944 till the end of war.

This livery features two separate options for 'D-30 Early' and for the other two submodels in game, users may choose between these two in the game menu. This is due to certain textures on two different submodel 3D models not being interchangeable and if put into an unified pack would cause texture error around bort number area:

Also features:

fixed several stencil text typos from template files (reported to the team and fixed in the latest template);
fixed overflow in "Scratch"/"Burned dust" layers;
corrected US roundel layout, and to the other parts;
corrected numeric/alphabet font style;
added brush stroke to the painted parts;
added weathering process to the artwork/roundels/bort codes;

Special thanks to Shane Thompson for sharing the summer headgear texture as presented in this skin

The skin is created from an upscaled template, later rescaled back to 4k resolution to meet the 300MB cap for user files. For those interested in the original 8k textures here is a share link to Google Drive:

v1.1 (current version) (2021/03/17) Added new incockpit kneeboard texture to match the one on the external model; re-adjusted mipmaps for 4k textures; no further change in other 8K texture files
V1.0 initial release
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