Animals 2 pack (Northern Hemisphere)

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DCS: World 2.5
Animals 2 pack (Northern Hemisphere)

Animals 2 pack (Northern Hemisphere)

Type - Mod
Auteur - FlyNavy_BeeKayVR
Date - 21.01.2021 17:43:02
This is a complete pack with a lot of northern animals for decoration etc.

To pointing me in the right direction with sling loading, I thank @Grajo very much with his MOD:

Some of the animals have been already in a Mod-Pack earlier on, which is no longer working in 2.5. I brought them up to the new standard and modified them.
Some of the animals were coming from Sketchfab and the user Pablo444 under CC Attribution.

I modified them with Blender 2.91 (Poligon reduction and DCS Structuring) and exported them to EDM Format.
My next plans are to create animated animals. However I have first to learn the DCS structures for exporting "bone deforming" EDMs.

Have a lot of fun.

Unzip the ZIP-file somewhere and then copy or move the folder "Animals2_FlyNavy_BeeKayVR" to your "Saved Games" folder
typically on
C:\users\user(or your name)\Saved Games\DCS\mods\tech\ <in here>,
then open the mission editor and place the animals in your mission.

You will find them under
"Static elements/Bridge symbol" "Ground vehicles" with the names  *A2*_xyz

"Ground units/Tank symbol" "Infantry" with the names  *A2*_xyz
The swimming moose is defined as ship and can only be placed on water.

My short video is showing just an example:

I included as well the mission file which I used for making the movie.
Just place it in the folder Missions.

In the mission editor you can check it out.

Have a lot of fun.
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