Operation Roadrunner 2.7B (VRACG-Tempest)

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DCS: World 2.5
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
Operation Roadrunner 2.7B (VRACG-Tempest)

Operation Roadrunner 2.7B (VRACG-Tempest)

Auteur - VRACG-Tempest
Date - 11.01.2021 10:44:27
GUERILLAS WITH WINGS! Can the Georgia disperse its forces, survive a determined Russian attack and land a killing blow?

FIGHT FROM THE FORESTS! Experience the exhilaration of road-base operations, now with rearming, refueling and TACAN!

Theatrics aside, this is a complete rebuild of my original Roadrunner mission. Now we fully functional road-bases that you can rearm, refuel and launch from.
The mission is still being worked on but as it stands it can be flown and is an absolute blast.

Unlimited distribution, go nuts people.

Email me at: alexanderryanjones1991 (at) googlemail . com
Please put "ROADRUNNER" in the subject line!


Updated for 2.7. Huge thanks to ED for allowing ground-placeability for all modules, it has *transformed* this mission.
Just make sure you use a different slot when you spawn in to your buddies on the ground. If he is at DUBLIN 1 (which is what his flight will be called when he selects a role) and you spawn in another aircraft from the same spot, you're both going to have a short, hot and bad time.
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