E-3 French AWACS Livery Pack

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DCS: World 2.5

E-3 French AWACS Livery Pack

Type - Skin
Uploadé par - prccowboy
Date - 22.12.2020 16:25:26
French E-3 AWACS Livery Pack with 7 different skins (4k textures) by PRCCowboy
Version 1.5 (Updated with 2 more skins)

By request, I am sharing a set of skins for the French AWACS.

This livery pack of French E-3 AWACS includes 7 skins (4k textures), incl:
- No. 201/702-CA (SAL 58 "Coq")
- No. 202/702-CB (BR 43 "Charognard")
- No. 203/36-CC (SAL 253 "Bouledogue")
- No. 204/36-CD (BR 257 "Masse d'armes")
- No. 201/36-CA (70th anniversary)
- No. 203/36-CC (100th anniversary SAL 253)
- No. 204/702-CD (50000h Berry)

To Install, Unzip to your DCS user files 'Liveries\e-3a' folder, example:
C:\Users\YOURNAME\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\e-3a

- This skin pack shares resource textures in the 'CLP_Common' skin folder. Removing or not installing that folder will cause errors for the other skins in this pack.
- If you have previous versions of my E-3 French AWACS Livery Pack (folder names start with "FRANCE PACK - SDCA"), I suggest you delete them. This version uses different folder names and descriptions.

Known errors: France has E-3F (not E-3a), so there are some inaccuracies, notably engines. Also, some of the pilot patches may not be correct.

1.5: Added 2 more special liveries, Added/Modified details and adjusted size/positioning of graphics, Changed shared folder structure and file naming

1.1: fixed some colors, put E-3a engine details back in
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