Su-33 English Layered Paintable Cockpit Files

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DCS: World 2.5
Su-33 English Layered Paintable Cockpit Files

Su-33 English Layered Paintable Cockpit Files

Type - Mod
Auteur - WytchCrypt
Date - 22.11.2020 22:32:44
Ever want to change the colour of your Su-33 English cockpit?

Now you can do it in a matter of minutes rather than days of hand shading and highlighting (I did that heavy lifting for you :-)

This mod is built upon the excellent work of master cockpit artist Devrim who personally approved the project.

NOTE:  This mod requires installation of Devrim's Su-33 English Gray Cockpit:  

NOTE:  When using this, you'll likely want to comment out the description.lua line:  {"su33_tex01", 0, "su33_tex01", true};  This prevents you from seeing the proper painted color of the exterior fresnel lens housing!

11/22/2020:  Original release
11/27/2020:  v2 : Vastly improved the shadows on the two cockpit housing overhang areas (updated su33_cpt_int07.psd)
01/04/2021:  v3 : Added option to use non-reflective black HDD with grid lines (updated su33_cpt_int07.psd)

Included are the 7 colour definition files of the cockpit in layered psd format.  The psd files are broken into several layers, but most importantly, near the bottom of each stack is what I call a "Base Colour" layer.  Want a green cockpit to match your livery?  Just go into each of the 7 files and change the base colour areas to green.   Each file handles the shadows and highlighting with separate pre-painted layers so all you have to do is replace the base colour, save as psd, use DXTBmp to convert to dds format, move the files and you're ready to go!


1)  Installaton of Devrim's Su-33 English Gray Cockpit mod:
2)  Knowledge of Gimp/Photoshop or other PSD file friendly editor
3)  Knowledge of DXTBmp to convert psd files to dds
4)  Comfortable moving files directly to or creating new cockpits in Saved Games/DCS/liveries/Cockpit_Su-33 directory
5)  Comfortable making a simple change to a cockpit description.lua file

Basically, Devrim's "English Gray" cockpit directory found at Saved Games/DCS/liveries/Cockpit_Su-33/ is the foundation this mod is built on.  Copy it to "English Red" (or whatever) for example.  Then change the base colour of these 7 cockpit files, convert them to dds format and drop them in the "English Red" directory and you're ready to rock your new custom cockpit colour!

Files come pre-painted in Soviet red.  I create several different color cockpits and define them in my local $USER/Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/Cockpit_Su-33 directory so I can switch them up within DCS depending on what color Su33 I'm flying.  

Detailed Readme included.

Have fun and I'm happy to answer questions...
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