F-16 Dutch Klu 322 SQN J-511

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F-16C Viper
F-16 Dutch Klu 322 SQN J-511

F-16 Dutch Klu 322 SQN J-511

Type - Skin
Auteur - Gunfighter06
Date - 18.11.2020 18:08:55
Livery recreation J-511 a Dutch F-16 flying for 322sqn in Leeuwarden. For this skin I added all reinforcement plates seen on MLU Vipers and a custom nozzle. Packed with details and pretty weathered, check it out!
This skin comes with optional textures for the gun port weahtering!

This J-511 is one of the many Dutch vipers flying for 322sqn. I recreated this specific plane as a comission, basing me on recent pictures?
To recreate this livery into every detail I made all reinforcement plates and weathered it accurately to pictures!

The skin is a collaboration between myself and "Wolfthrower" who did an incredible job on creating every stencil, down to the panel numbers for we which we had more than 4 months of research, material gathering and asset creation.  
The exchange of ideas and expertise helped this project to achieve the highest level of quality we can provide for a viper skin.
This skin features:

*Accurate representation of J-511
*Features my new Nozzle Textures (normals, roughmets, albedo)
* ALL  KLU Reinforcement or Stiffener plates, added into the Normal maps
*Photo-accurate weathering of J-511 , with highly detailed roughmets, giving it the typical Viper shine.
* Added missing panels all across the aircraft, most notably between the ventral fins.
* Custom PW-like nozzle with normal maps
* Custom normal map for a more worn look
*  completely redone external cockpit texture
* over 120 Vector decals and labels correctly placed in their real life locations.
* 521 panel number labels. individually placed in their correct real life places.  
* glare shield labels and bolts placed in their real life locations. matching roughmet's and newly created normal map.
*New ejection seat texture
*Custom fuel tanks and Pylons
*Little easter eggs ;)
*Manual with detailed instructions, special thanks and changelog
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