RJAF - F16AM - 155 - 1 sqn

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
RJAF - F16AM - 155 - 1 sqn

RJAF - F16AM - 155 - 1 sqn

Type - Skin
Auteur - Wolfthrower
Date - 19.10.2020 23:57:47
A livery recreation of the RJAF (Royal Jordanian Air Force) F16A Block 20 MLU number 155 of the 1st Squadron.
this particular aircraft began its way in the Belgian Air Force in 1989 as FA-111, and in 2011 was delivered to Jordan as part of the "Peace Falcon V" deal.
The number 1 Squadron was formed in Amman, in 1958, operating the hawker hunter until 1974 in which they were replaced by F-5's.
in 1981 the squadron switched to operating the Mirage F-1C/E. the squadron was deactivated at 2007 and at the same year in december reopened as an F-16A/B squadron, receiving their first ADF falcons from "TUSAS" in Turkey.
today it based at Azraq, with short periods at prince Hasan Air base and Habbaniya (Iraq).

most notable operations of the squadrons are : the enforcement of the no fly zone over Libya during Operation Odyssey Dawn / Operation Unified Protector. and operations against Daesh ( ISIS ).

This skin is a collaboration between myself and "Roughmaster" aka "Gunfighter06" here on the dcs user file section,
and the product of more than 4 months of research, material gathering and asset creation.  
the exchange of ideas and expertise helped this project to achieve the highest level of quality we can provide for a viper skin.
i also want to thank "_Akatsuki" for advising with the panel numbers.

this skin features :
* FIRST EVER completely done external cockpit texture for the viper module!
* over 120 Vector decals and labels correctly placed in their real life locations.
* 521 panel number labels. individually placed in their correct real life places.  
* glare shield labels and bolts placed in their real life locations. matching roughmet's and newly created normal map.
* newly done radome metal stripes.
* gold plated back canopy with higher opacity and scratches.
* new desert suit for the pilot with matching ranks, patches and normal maps.
* 3 new Panels and matching normal maps and roughmet's. the ECS Access/external canopy switch, a D-140 panel. and an under nose antenna panel.
* completely redone lua-129 decals and text labels ( and now a first roughness map for those labels)
* new accurate decals for pylons and adapters.
* new engine nozzle with new normal map.
* new ejection seat textures.
* newly made heavy weathered fuel tanks with matching roughness maps.  
* some nice easter eggs :P ( you'll need to look)
* heavy weathered and sun scorched RJAF ex-BAF paint scheme.
* wet-maps, for that extra shine :)
* new metal maps across the skin.
* fixed/placed bolts and screws which were missing/in a wrong location including in the normal map.

For golden back canopy :
go to your settings > special > choose f16 > tinted canopy.
and make sure its enabled, otherwise it wont appear.

Installation instructions :
after extracting the RAR archive, place the “RJAF - F16AM - 155 - 1 sqn” folder in your “\DCS World\CoreMods\aircraft\F-16C\Liveries\F-16C_50” folder.
in game the skin will be available for all BLUEFOR nations Jordan included.  

it is the most detailed and accurate viper skin i have ever made.
and i hope you will like it <3

if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to ask me here or contact me via discord ( details in a readme PDF file attached in this rar).
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